The Biggest problem of being on the internet today is keeping you computer free from Viruses computer attacks and spyware.

The only way to stay free of any intrusion is Simple... Disconnect your Internet connection, and disable all other external devices that allow data to be entered into your computer..

Now that is not practical so what are the other options ?

First Level:

Firewall your computer from the out side world:

Hardware Firewall
Either a Router Switch that separate your computer from the internet or and a second computer that is the gateway.

Software Firewall 
Windows Firewall Software comes standard with Windows XP 
Norton's Internet Security (Works well when set up correctly) otherwise skip it and beware there are other apps out there that are a nightmare to set up and keep working properly.

Second Level

A Good Anti virus Software program:
Norton's 2010-2011
Dr Web
There are many others out there but remember If it is Free, you get what you pay for

Third Level

Spyware Ad ware programs:
It is now important to have more than one of these programs if not three or four

The ones that i am having success with at present is

Microsoft's Anti Spyware Beta 1 download here

Spybot search and destroy Download here

And i have added a third Ad-Aware SE

Remember to keep the programs up to date
With this above you should be reasonably safe, but UPDATE, UPDATE and UPDATE
Regularly, weekly get your Antivirus Software to scan your hard drive it case something got through and will later unleash its payload.

How Do you Stop SPAM

Quick Solution

Change your Email Address

If you have a Web Site
stop using info@.. sales@.. admin@.. spammers use these as defaults.
Remove all mailto: references on your web site, use a contact form instead

Securing Your Domain Against Spammers 

First let's address the whois database, which is a publicly accessible database in which your domain registration record is listed . and that includes your email address. It's not uncommon now for people to be spammed at a brand new email address within hours of registering a new domain. 
With a private domain registration, which costs only a few dollars more than a regular registration, your contact information including your email address will not be publicly accessible in the whois database

Securing Your Website Against Spammers

The other major source, and by far the biggest source of email addresses for spammers is of course the mailto links on your own website (eg Email address harvesting or extraction software as it's known is cheap, easy to use, and readily available . and it's very effective. That means there are a lot of spammers out there with easy access to your email address. 

Chances are hundreds or even thousands of spammers using such software have already harvested your address. And what can you do about this? You need to provide a way for your customers to reach you by email, or you'll lose business. There are steps you can take to prevent your email address from being harvested and used by spammers though, while still providing legitimate visitors to your site with a way to email you. 

One solution is to make all the mailto links on your site point to a form instead, which will still provide a means for people to send you email. Provided you use a CGI script that doesn't require the address to be embedded within the form itself, you can shield your address from email address extractors. 

Spammers Who Already Have My Address? 

So far we've discussed a few fairly simple techniques designed to prevent spammers from obtaining your email address in the first place. But, how do you deal with the spam you're already getting? Your address is already out there. The solution is to either block or filter. 

For either, you'll need software. For blocking, I recommend Postmaster Pro. If you prefer to filter then Spam Assassin is highly recommended. Both run on the server, so there is no need to download spam before filtering it out. That's a huge time saver if you're not yet on a high-speed connection. It also makes it a bit less likely you'll end up downloading a virus since email from untrusted senders, i.e. spammers will be significantly reduced. 

Spam Blocking Software 

Postmaster Pro which is available at takes a novel approach to blocking spam. It only allows email to be delivered after people who've sent you email have been placed on an approved sender list. But the interesting thing is that people who send you email can put themselves on your approved list. This is done simply by clicking a link in an email that automatically gets sent to them the first time they send email to you, which is perfect for those of us who don't know in advance whom we should put on the approved list, i.e. if you're running a business online. It also makes building and maintaining such a list very simple. 

Given the fact that spammers normally use invalid return addresses, and those who do use valid return addresses seldom read email that's sent there, let alone respond to it (they receive thousands of failed delivery notifications, complaints, remove requests, and autoresponder messages every time they do a mailing) . it's a very effective technique with no chance of blocking legitimate email, as is the case with filtering. 

Spam Filtering Software 

For those who would prefer to filter ... Spam Assassin is perhaps the best option. It is available at Once you have Spam Assassin installed, it will provide you with very powerful and flexible filtering tools. Spam Assassin is a mature product, having been around for quite some time. If you're going to filter, Spam Assassin is about as good as it gets. 

As with any filter though, you do run the risk of missing legitimate email from time to time. There really isn't a good way to tell how often this is happening unless you want to read all the email that gets filtered out, which negates the whole point of filtering. If you set your filters permissively enough though, you should be reasonably safe. For the first month or so after installing any filter, you should continue to read every single email in order to make sure it isn't set too restrictively to allow legitimate email through. 

By using the techniques mentioned in this article, you can take back your mailbox, and dramatically reduce, if not eliminate spam. 

Complete Virus Removal

Relates to Norton AntiVirus

The following procedure will ensure you remove all virus threats.

After scanning for viruses and you feel that you still may have a virus on your computer,carry out the following.

Step One

Step 2

Removal of Threats

  • At the end of a scan Norton's will report that there are still some Threats to be removed these need to be removed manually
  • While connected to the internet click on the threat name and follow the instructions for each threat.

More details can be found at symantecs web site

Email download Problems

Norton Scanning Incoming Emails (also effects Vet, and some other software)

Getting this Error ?

Task 'your email name - Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC0F) : 'The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'

If you use Outlook and have been experiencing errors when downloading here is a temporary fix.

  • Open Norton Antivirus
  • Options
  • Mail
  • de select"Scan Incoming Emails"
  • Finish

Providing you do not turn off Auto protect and keep your virus updates current you are still reasonably protected.

This is a issue that is caused by many factors and hopefully will be addressed by antivirus Software companies soon.

How to keep your computers free from popup's, spam and Viruses

The following is the what i have found the best way to eliminate alot of those annoying popup's and problems associated with using the internet

Four Major applications you should have and be using....

  • A Good Anti Virus Software (Norton's Anti virus 2006)
  • Google Tool Bar get here
  • Spybot get here
  • Windows Updates go here

With all any program they must be updated regularly, in some cases Virus protection weekly if not daily.

Load and use these and you will be reasonably protected.

There are other measures such as firewall protection and spam elimination programs which also help but these four items should be the minimum if you access the internet.

Eliminating Spam and Viruses

  • Never use your normal email address on the internet for unknown web sites.
  • Remove all email address links on your web pages to stop email miners collecting your email addresses
  • If you use Microsoft Outlook use the Add sender to Blocked senders list to stop repeated email from spammers
  • Never open anything from some one you do not know

Hope this is of use and happy surfing

End of support for Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows Me
is quickly approaching Effective 30 June, 2006, Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows Me (and their related components) will not be supported. 
After this date, Microsoft will no longer provide any incident support options or security updates. Microsoft is not offering a customised support agreement for these products. While the majority of customers have already migrated to Windows XP, there are a few customers and businesses that have not completed their migration from Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition or Windows Me. Now is a good time to do a final check of all your computer systems, whether personal, business or those of your customers, to migrate to the more secure and robust Windows XP. For more information on the end of support and for upgrading to Windows XP please visit Microsofts Web site.